About Us

As Sule Onur company, we started production in 1986 and we are still working with 100 staff and with production capacity of 80.000 pieces per month.

Since our establishment, we never gave up our principles and we are aiming at reaching perfection by producting top quality goods and being honest.

We have a wide range of product such as man’s and women’s pyjamas, night dresses, dressing gowns and sport wear. With our products we aim at reaching elegance, comfort and customer satisfaction. Our ultimate aim is to became a brand which is looked for in world’s clothing sector with our high quality, healthy and good price products that has designed appealing to awide target market and sold by elite shops.

Our main vision is quality and with this we have our signature in both internal and external market. Our company gives great important to export .

SULE ONUR, who will never give up it’s principles on service and quality, wishes all it’s precious customer “sweet dreams”…